The Sad Artist and other fairy Tales: Writers Promoting Their Books on Social Media

In the current economy, publishers are faced with many challenges, a major one being a major shrink in promotion budgets. For this reason, many publishers are drawn to perceptive authors who are able to leverage the power of the internet to promote their works. Online book promotion often simply means using social networking. Publishers have taken this up quite keenly since, in their opinion, they do not really have to get involved at all. They can simply use the power of the author’s words over her audience and then wait to reap the rewards. This is not only easy on a publisher’s budget, but it also keeps authors occupied.promoting books

Many authors, however, are not as enthusiastic about carrying out their own book promotion online. It is difficult for an author to disagree if her publisher tells her that social networking can drive book sales. The flip side is that social networking requires a significant investment of time and opens the door to some disconcerting possibilities.

Online Book Promotion Success Stories

In spite of this, there is no reason why an author cannot make online promotion of her book work. Several innovative authors have effectively managed to push their book sales online and achieve unprecedented success through this nascent method.

For instance, John Green’s book, ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, featured high on the charts in 2012 and is a bona fide international bestseller, having been number one on both Barnes and Noble and charts way back in 2011. The surprising thing is that the book charted long before its release after he promoted the book to his 1.2 million followers on Twitter, where he promised signed pre-order copies. He also launched a live show on YouTube pre-launch.

New writers who view book promotion as a daunting task should look no further than Blake Northcott for inspiration. The Toronto writer’s book, ‘Vs. Reality’ was self promoted among her over 16,000 Twitter followers and 1,700 Facebook friends over the nine months during which she wrote the book. These figures have risen substantially since then, increasing sales of her book. She now has a larger twitter following than her publisher and is the 10th most followed individual from images

Online Book Promotion Strategies

One common feature among a growing number of authors, who have found commercial success thanks to social media, is that they had a game plan in place. Every author can benefit by following a few simple tips to attract more readers and followers.

One top tip is for an author to find ways to connect with bloggers. Many bloggers have become respected literary authorities, and many will be glad to have the opportunity to read and review books that sound interesting. Each mention of an author’s book in a blog post or byline is a gem when it comes to search engine optimization.

Another powerful way for an author to connect to fans on social media is through contests. It is easy to set up a giveaway or promotion using the tools available on social media sites, and winners can be provided with copies of the book. Such winners are great sources of promotion through word-of-mouth, with those who do not win being potential buyers.images

If an author doesn’t’ have neither the time nor the contacts to create a buzz about her book online, there are book publicists available to help. In this way, an author can release some of the research-intensive tasks that may take up a lot of their time to professionals who are well versed with online marketing strategy.

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