The Sad Artist and other fairy Tales:  Making Your First Writing Work

booksWriting is an art that generates millions of dollars for writers worldwide. Today different platforms, including the internet and creative self publishing templates have provided avenues for writers to express their writing styles and still get to make money out of it. However, writers are faced with numerous challenges when it comes to starting off. Whereas a good number is within the full time writer category, other potential writers have to grapple with fulfilling daily obligations and setting aside time to concentrate on their writing talents. The following tips will be helpful for writers who want to jump start their wring and become productive in the art.


determined writerIt’s Do or Die

For a writer to be successful right from the start, it is important to go all-in. Apparently, to many aspiring writing, starting out is one of the major hurdles that present hardship for an author’s first works. However, you will only succeed by spending it all. You may not get the hunch of it, until you invest and lose in your first writing prospect. As a writer you will need to take risks as they come. A writer’s productivity with his first piece will be assisted by tapping the concept as they come. It is unwise to stockpile a theory for later use. Most likely, there will be more concepts for later use. According to Annie Dillard; the author of “An American Childhood” and “The Writing Life”, you will need to approach your first work like you will never write again. The do or die attitude in a first writer helps tackle  the surreal territory, and face the reality of creating new concepts and thoughts for your work each day.writing

Start From a Scratch 

Writing is not a bed of roses to many first writers. Most of them at this stage will have their work disapproved. This only leaves a writer in despair. It is important to know that it has to start from somewhere. The degree of mediocrity and harsh criticism from other people should never be the hindrance. Anne Lamott, the author of “Bird by Bird” intimates the need to start from somewhere. Whereas you need to be conscious about critique, it is also imperative to be alert on where you are coming from. Writers, who have referenced their experiences and insights, will be able to work it out right from the word go.

businessHave a Fallback Plan

Writing for most start ups is not easy. Even though the passion to pen down a book is too intense, there is a need to have a fall back plan. You work will not sell overnight; all the reason why you probably need to have an alternative source of income. Lawyer turned author, John Grisham known for his books including The Client, The Runaway Jury, and The Pelican Brief among others, says it is wise to have financial security before you can dive into full time writing. However, Grisham says you can still write in your free time as long as you take your writing as a hobby.

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