Synopsis of Nana and the Golden Chalice

When Nana leaves for her grandmother’s farm in the countryside during the August holiday, things turn messy. Her fantasies come true. Away from her friends in Nairobi, and in company of her favourite horse Daisy, she finds an old golden Chalice while in the forest. Little does she know this magical cup will turn her world upside down and make her dreams come side

In Nana and the Golden Chalice, a children’s fiction novella, Nana brings back the Egyptian cup to life with the touch of her blood. She learns of the wicked treachery, which made the once charming Egyptian Prince to turn into a Chalice. Through her dialogue with the Chalice, she learns of the ills of black magic and at the same time the evil nature of people, who use deceit to get power, fame, and money.images (1)

With the magic from the Chalice, Nana’s dreams come true, but not without valuable lessons. She meets with Duck; a knavish bitter creature, who calls her names and threatens her; she meets with Frog; a wolf in sheep’s clothing, who puts her life in danger, and she nearly loses her existence. Bamboozled by the Chalice magic, Nana thinks that she has been dreaming all along, but later on she learns the true of what unravelled.images

Using surrealism, Nana and the Golden Chalice brings the main character unconscious mind into life and shows just about what would happen if ones wishes came true. Again, it shows the true personality of most people who pretend to be friends but they are not. Using the analogy of personification, the plot is simple to follow, and the themes highlighted bear in mind young children between the ages of 10 to 15 years of age as the target audience, thus the story captures childhood fantasies, and proves to be both an interesting and a best read.

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