How Writers Can Increase Their Book Sales Online

Are you looking to succeed in the spirited world of on-line book sales? Or are you looking for tactics to help you avoid the roadblocks that keep hampering your online book marketing strategy? As a writer, there are countless numbers of factors you need to consider, so as to increase the profitability of your vocation on the virtual platform.images

Selling publications through the internet is a top paying venture in the modern world. The industry spawns millions of dollars in book sales each year. However, the sad thing is that a large number of writers have continued to struggle marketing their brilliant volumes. Thus the need to look into the following ways, which have the potential to turn around a bad tide of low books sales.


Authors have always known the power of social media when selling their books online. However, social media presence can turn your book sales in to a fortune if you consider adding the benefits of blogging. Whereas you don’t have to start a blog yourself, you can use the services of an established blogger to create a buzz around your work. This is a perfect way to create appeal, and turn the blog traffic into real sales. If your blog will take time to bring in the traffic, a celebrated blogger is your ticket to more sales.images (1)

Viral Marketing

The social media concept behind viral marketing  is the best thing that can happen to any writer. If you know how to create viral content around your publication, you won’t take long in raking in the profits. You can start by having a captivating page on social network. If you are able to draw traffic to the site, consider linking your books to the catchy content. You will be surprised how easy it will be to generate profits.

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Online Ads

For a book writer to succeed selling his work online, it is advisable to invest in online ads. These can create the right amount of attention in various online platforms. Consider linking these to popular reader’s sites and book forums. You are bound to get impressive conversion rates if you generate leads for your books. Always have contact emails and URLs on web banners to consolidate your web presence. Remember to have your website out there and in a conspicuous manner. Writers who prefer using their personalized websites are likely to build loyalty and confidence in potential readers. After all, it is easy to find your work on your site compared to browsing for your work on third party web hosts.


The average writer looking to ramp up book profits should know how to exploit the power of SEO in an online book selling venture. By using SEO protocols and a well organized niche marketing strategy, you will easily attract your target audience without much ado. At the same time, consider using well laid out website designs which are easy to navigate. Potential book buyers will be attracted to a website that has an alluring interface. Don’t let such client bypass your site just because you ignored the aesthetics. Online book selling ventures like any other business, will benefit greatly from research. Invest in a study to know the best tactics to help you get a constant flow of income from repeat readership.images (3)


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