An Extract from Nana and the Boy with the Two Shadows

‘The process of Astral Projection is simple, though they are many ways of achieving this effect,’ Nashm clarified, ‘nonetheless; I will show each and every one of you the simplest method. When you get it right, we will get out of our bodies and our souls will be on their way to the Land of the Shadows. Conversely, I warn you when your soul is out of your body, you must have the willpower to control it otherwise it may end up floating aimlessly, and you will not able to head to the Land of the Shadows.’download

Nashm direct his friends inside the house, took one of the rooms that was warm, then closed the door. He proceeded to open one of the windows before laying a warm blanket on the floor.

‘Why have you opened the window?’ Remmy asked as she averted her eyes to the open window, where a cold breeze was permeating into the room.

‘As our souls will get out of our bodies, and travel to the Land of the Shadows, it only makes sense to leave an open space for them to pass.’

‘Does that mean the soul cannot pass through stone or other non-living things?’

‘I deduce otherwise. The soul can move through anything. Nevertheless, in our case since it will be our first time to try this, our soul’s need guidance. All along all of you will have to follow my lead.’ Nashm remarked.

‘I suppose we are to lie on our backs,’ Nana observed.

‘Quite right, then you will have to follow my instructions.’images

The four friends lay on their backs facing the ceiling. ‘Relax your body,’ Nashm started, ‘try as much as possible to clear out any thoughts in your mind. Fancy yourself that you are going to sleep, save you must keep the mind awake and observe the body as it falls asleep. As you sink into a trance, you will experience some elation in your body. Your body will feel numb and unpleasantly heavy, as if you are carrying a load. Gradually, you will feel like you are floating in air as a buzzing sensation develops in your ears, and other feelings move in your body. Avoid panic, as this will distort the whole experience. Try to visualize you are in the air floating, as you do this, you will realise that you are out of your body and actually floating. Once your soul is out of the body, since it is under the command of your mind, it can go anywhere you whim and think of. You just need to tell your soul and in a minute, it will be where you want. ‘images (1)

Nana and her two friends listened to Nashm carefully and followed his lead. They closed their eyes presently. In a minute, their souls were out of the body.


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