A Magician‘s Visit by M. Laurie Cantil Book Review

downloadIn Laurie novella, she tells of a story of an old Magician by the name Orson, who appears in the bedroom of the 21 year old Ishmael, and offers him valuable wisdom about life. The magician comes from another planet, Pleidis and it is his first time in Earthis, (Earth) Ishmael’s planet.

As the novella comes to an end, we take in that Ishamel, being disenchanted by life, wanted to commit suicide, and had driven straight into a tree, and has been in a coma for seven days, where in a trace he meets with Orson who offers precious life lessons.

Overview of the Magician’s Visit by Laurie Cantil

As the novella begins, we see Ishmael in his room wondering what to do with his life. From nowhere Orson appears, and the two get acquainted. Orson, the old magician, tries to advice the young man about life, but he does not seem to understand.

Orson leaves a letter for Ishmael on the table, and then disappears. Gradually as time passes, the young man misses the old magician writing letters addressing him to come back, save for Orson does not appear until seven years come to pass. In the course of these years, Ishmael learns so many things about life, as he seeks for enlightenment. In the end, he comes to terms with Orson words, and writes him a long letter with details of how he has attained consciousness about living, has unravelled the meaning of life, and is no longer disheartened.

Excited by his letter, the old Magician comes back to Ishmael, only to take him to his own planet Pledis, where the young man learns that everything in that planet is created by imagination. The old magician shares some precepts of wisdom with the young man, and he fully comes to terms with how to live. He gets enlightenment, and as he rejoices in his wisdom, suddenly he wakes up from his coma, and finds himself surrounded by his parents, and Doctor Wilson.

Enlightenment as a Theme in Magician’s Visit by Laurie Cantil

One of the things I loved about this book is the ability of the writer to make the characters witty, and the same time funny. Through the words of Orson, we learn how powerful our minds are when set into the right deeds. We can achieve anything we want in life: our minds are the architects of life; we only need to know ourselves, and everything we dream of can be ours.

Ishmael represents all those people who have given up in life: those who long to end their lives. Yet there is hope for these people, as Orson points out. He embodies the old and wise, who offer guidance and counsel to the hopeless young, and see them live a happy active life with the greatest potential.

I enjoyed reading this book, though it had some editing issues here and there. Overall I would recommend this book to everyone, as it is a both a good read and offers valuable advice about life.

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