5 Ways to Market a Book on Amazon and Goodreads

You are trying to establish the author in you. In fact you have a few books to your name. For now, the focus as you see it is to take your works to the reading audience out there. Your publisher may not be using the right marketing strategy, or you are torn between the right channels to expose your work.  For a service such as Goodreads, it is not just the association with Amazon, but it is the most preferred book marketing platform.

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Goodreads is known to be the haven of preference by influencers, and reputable sharers in the book authoring field on the internet. It is not only authors who flock here, but readers: passionate readers! Here’s how to market a book on both Amazon and Goodreads.

 Promotional Tools for More Sales

Previously Amazon has been the primary platform for authors looking for an opening in the book market. With Goodreads added to the equation, there are efficient promotional tools that cater for an amplified visibility of your book. With Goodreads, it will be possible to give your prospective clients offers they can’t resist. The catch with Goodreads in the long run will be the possibility of incorporating PPC ads. This means writers will have more tools at their disposal to make the much needed appeal to their targeted market.

Word of Mouth Amplification

With Amazon and Goodreads combination, comes the creative bookshelf. Here, the whole network gets notifications, if a friend or fellow user ads a book such as The Sad Artist and Other Fairy Tales on the bookshelf. If the process is socially automated across the two, it can mean that your book or info about your work spreads faster than expected to reach out to millions. The word of mouth effect coming off the social automation between Amazon and Goodreads can mean that more books, especially recently released compilations will be getting readership within the right target audiences. The end result will be more than telling, given that almost a fifth of Goodreads followers are bloggers in the book sector.images

Consider Giveaways

Getting a book like The Sad Artist and Other Fairy Tales noticed on Goodreads requires more than just posting its presence. If you are able to give up a number of copies, the more the number of reviews you will get. Readers who benefit from such giveaways are likely to write and post positive reviews, or critique for your work. This is a winner when it comes to getting other readers buying or ordering the new book by large numbers.

EBook Borrows and Shares

For book readers on Amazon, the prominent Amazon Prime and Cloud services rank tops, when it comes to reaching out to readers with more content. Given that the site will encourage Goodreads to convert its huge following into becoming prime Amazon readers. This will encourage eBook borrowing, which could result in many Goodreads followers reading out on new books shared between the two.images (1)

Enhanced Amazon Targeting

Goodreads users are bound to give Amazon readers a positive word. While this may look like a boost on the two networks, it is an added advantage to the budding writer. The more you book is shared on bookshelves, the more the ranking and recognition, not only on the popular Amazon site, but also on respective book forums online.


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