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I am proud to announce the release of’s second collection of short stories with WBP: The Girl with the Flawless Face. This book portrays both the maturity of Wahome as a writer and the very best of contemporary African magical realism.

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Available in paperback and e-book editions.

The Girl with the Flawless Face is a Tender and Raw Glimpse of Modern Africa

Ndiritu Wahome’s second collection of short stories highlights the joy, tragedy and magic of Kenya.

“There are folks in Mombasa who claim that there are dark spirits which reside under the Indian Ocean. These spirits take the form of different creatures including beautiful women, and men, mermaids, cats, and ravens, and that they feed on blood.”

Author masterfully interjects African folklore into contemporary reality for a poignant, heart rendering and sometimes brutal picture of his native Kenya. Staying faithful to his signature genre, magical realism, The Girl with the Flawless Face is a collection of short stories that captures African legends of mermaids and magic, Majini, and layers them into the lives of realistic characters and events.

Faced with the very real horror of terrorism, governmental repression and religious extremism, the Majini represent fears personified. The use of magic and the mystical gives the characters a vehicle for expressing the dread they may not be able to articulate in day to day life.

But Wahome’s Kenya is also magically beautiful. Set in the backgrounds of breath-taking beaches, emerald rainforests and sparkling ocean waters, the characters are, both young and old, painted as living reflections of the landscape.

“Ndiritu never fails to create scintillating backdrops that we can all relate to then introduces supernatural creatures and circumstances to draw us into the magic. His creation of miraculous realms is both alluring and terrifying,” says Word Branch’s owner, Catherine Rayburn-Trobaugh. The Sad Artist, his first collection published with WBP, sets the stage for this mature and captivating read, Rayburn-Trobaugh goes on to say.

Ndiritu Wahome has won accolades for his writings both in his home country and internationally. He débuted The Sad Artist as a presenter at the Storymoja Literature Festival in Nairobi in 2014, and since has been featured in articles and interviews around the world.

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In paperback and electronic editions

The Sad Artist and Other Fairytales

Ndiritu Wahome charms, tantalizes and engages his readers with a collection of fairytales for all ages. From a story-telling weaver bird to a chief’s son who finds the real value of life, Wahome leads his readers on a captivating journey that deifies time and reality yet remains relevant.

Wahome says his “objective was to create fantasy stories, which were infused with realism in the hope of letting young children know that even though life is full of hardships, they can overcome and achieve anything they so deemed.” But peel back another layer, and The Sad Artist and Other Fairytales has a strong message that reveals “bad leadership, appalling politics, sloth and corruption” that Wahome says is too often found in contemporary African governments.

Although the fairytales are set in a mystical version Wahome’s native Kenya, they transcend Africa for a global perspective on the realities of life in the 21st century at the crossroads of old and new. Although Wahome’s fairytales can sometimes be cautionary, he never loses hope for both humanity and its future. His world is one that “The wicked, who seem to live the good life, in the end, suffer in their demise. The good, even though exposed to a life of poverty, wretchedness, and solitude, end up living happily ever after.”

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In paperback and e-book editions

The Mourning Road to Thanksgiving

Larry Spotted Crow Mann’s groundbreaking novel, The Mourning Road to Thanksgiving, challenges the notion of a holiday deeply ingrained in American tradition and folklore both from a historical standpoint as well as cultural. The story is told through the experiences a Native American Nipmuc man who fights to change the future while coming to terms with his own troubled past and the acceptance of his family. For Neempau, the ultimate remedy is to challenge and end one of America’s favorite holidays: Thanksgiving.

His heart-wrenching, daring, and sometimes humorous journey not only exposes the innermost core of Native American struggles, but also the complexities of the notion of race, tradition, and identity. This brilliant story transcends cultural differences and inspires new thinking while taking readers beyond the boundaries of the past.

It’s these very complicated issues that contemporary Native families struggle with for a holiday that most take for granted as a time for feasting and football. While this is a novel that highlights the contradiction of the history and tradition of two cultures, in no way does it exclude either from the well-told tale that Larry spins about one family’s journey to come to terms with Thanksgiving. Neither preachy nor dry, The Mourning Road to Thanksgiving is an engaging read—sometimes deadly serious, sometimes poignant, sometimes humorous, always relevant.

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Available in paperback and e-book editions.

Face in the Mirror

American by birth and raised in Africa by her Christian missionary parents, Emily lives in a world of contradictions. She feels out of step in the US when she returns to attend college, but even more so, she feels out of place in her own skin. Emily’s religious background doesn’t permit her to have the growing feelings she has toward women, so she tries to fit in with what her mother and her perception of God wants her to be.

“Face in the Mirror” is the story of a girl’s journey out of childhood in the African bush into the jungle of life as a lesbian, American, missionary-kid. Surrounded by mixed messages of love and fear, spiritual connection and strident doctrine, Emily bravely navigates her way from rejection to acceptance of her authentic self and finds her role in life, family and the church.

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